Calling for workplace accommodations for pregnant and lactating Pennsylvanians

Pennsylvania’s “pro-life” leadership has blocked Senate Bill 716, which would make it unlawful for an employer to refuse an employee’s request for reasonable accommodation, unless doing so would represent an undue hardship to the employer.

See Five Questions about Lactation & Breastfeeding Rights with WLP Attorneys Margaret Zhang and Sophia Elliot for more info on why this is a public health, economic justice, and racial equity issue and check out WLP’s Twitter thread from the committee hearing.

Supporting pregnancy protections through amicus work

Gender Justice was a leader in the fight to pass the MN Women’s Economic Security Act (WESA) and is now providing critical amicus support in this case to enforce WESA protections for pregnant workers, brought on behalf of a social worker whose supervisor refused to provide accommodations her doctor ordered, forced her to take unpaid leave, then fired her.

Click here to read about the Minnesota Women’s Economic Security Act (WESA)

Getting paid sick leave passed in New Mexico

The Southwest Women’s Law Center worked with allies to successfully pass the Healthy Workplaces Act, which provides paid sick leave to employees across the state, including part-time workers and others who have traditionally lacked access to paid leave to care for themselves or family members in the event of illness. 

Read SWLC’s op-ed on why paid family and medical leave is an investment in New Mexico’s future.


The CPC Industry as a Surveillance Tool of the Post-Roe State

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