Challenging Idaho’s “Physician’s Only” Law

In December 2018, Legal Voice, along with Planned Parenthood Great Northwest, Hawai’i, Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky, filed suit against Idaho challenging the law that prohibits qualified advanced practiced clinicians (APC’s) from providing abortion care.

State defendants have attempted to dismiss Legal Voice’s suit twice; first in 2019 which the court rejected, and most recently by trying to use the SCOTUS decision in June Medical v. Russo to overturn the court’s prior decision.

On September 30th, the Court issued a powerful decision resoundingly rejecting the state’s arguments. Far from throwing the case out, the Court found based on all the evidence, that a reasonable fact finder could conclude that the statute does nothing to advance patient safety; nor does it permissibly advance the State’s “asserted interest in potential life.”

Read more about the case here.


The CPC Industry as a Surveillance Tool of the Post-Roe State

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