The Alliance focuses on four intersecting and overlapping issue priorities:


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Advancing Reproductive Rights, Health, and Justice

We value the dignity and autonomy of all persons, and fight for their rights to determine whether, when, and with whom to engage in intimate relationships; to become pregnant; to support or terminate a pregnancy; to parent without stigma; to give birth how they choose; and to be supported in all decisions about their bodies and selves, from birth to death.


Promoting LGBTQ Equality

We work to advance the rights of all women, LGBTQ people, and gender non-conforming and nonbinary people. We reject any effort to pit cisgender and transgender women against one another or to promote the false narrative that rights of cisgender and transgender women are somehow at odds. We fight to eliminate discrimination against people because of their identities, to dismantle homophobia and transphobia, and to recognize and respect the humanity inherent in all people.


Ending Gender-Based Violence

We envision a world free of gender-based violence, one where no person is harmed because of their sex or gender, and where all persons are safe in their homes, their work, their school, and all of society. We advocate for changes in laws, policies, systems and institutions to empower survivors, and we believe that structural change is essential, not only to better outcomes for survivors, but also to the broader culture change necessary for advancing gender equality.


Securing Economic Justice

We strive to ensure that all workers, especially the most economically disadvantaged – low-wage workers, workers of color, immigrant workers – who are disproportionately women, have the institutional supports, enforceable legal rights, and financial resources necessary to live their lives with dignity. We seek to end gender-based discrimination in the workplace and to protect the rights of pregnant and parenting workers.

Together, we can achieve justice and create a better, brighter future.

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