Preventing anti-abortion extremists from harassing patients outside of Planned Parenthood

In June of 2020, Legal Voice and the law firm Davis Wright Tremaine, filed a complaint on behalf of Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho against “The Church at Planned Parenthood” (TCAPP)—a group of armed, anti-abortion extremists who were harassing patients outside of the Spokane Health Center. For over two years, TCAPP was breaking both state and local laws while police officers stood by and refused to hold them accountable. Their behavior significantly interfered with Planned Parenthood’s ability to provide quality health and reproductive health care to community members.

In September of 2021, the court found in favor of Planned Parenthood and granted the request for a permanent injunction, concluding that “[Planned Parenthood] has a clear and equitable right to provide and its patients have clear and equitable rights to seek or obtain health care unimpeded by unlawful acts of others.”

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